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Stay fit and healthy with Balance

We’d like to introduce the full range of services offered by us and invite you to browse our website.

We hope you enjoy finding out more about our office and hope to meet you soon. We can not only help to cure your health problems, but can also help you to prevent new health issues and to increase your fitness.

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Welcome to Alnour Education Limited Co.

A leading professional  educational services organization committed to bringing its client premium study options through its partnerships with education providers. Our mission is to offer courses best suited to the individual student needs and dreams. 

How AlNour can help you

Universities & programs

Find the right program for you and your career aspirations

Application assistance

Be guided through your application process

Visa & embassy guidance

Maximise your chances of being granted a visa

Enrollment & travel advice

Get support all the way to your first day at University

Scholarships for students in areas of the world that need help

We believe education is one of the most powerful ways to leave a positive impact on the world but we recognise that not everyone has easy access to it

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That’s why we’re partnering with a number of charities now and in the future that provide scholarships for students in areas of the world that need help to fund their studies.


Our Partners

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